JDBC – Components and Specification

JDBC – Components and Specification 2017-06-03T23:25:49+00:00

components and specification of JDBC:

Components of JDBC:

JDBC has four main components as under and with the help of these components java application can connect with database.

The JDBC API – it provides various methods and interfaces for easy communication with database.

The JDBC DriverManager – it loads database specific drivers in an application to establish connection with database.

The JDBC test suite – it will be used to test an operation being performed by JDBC drivers.

The JDBC-ODBC bridge – it connects database drivers to the database.

JDBC Specification:

Different version of JDBC has different specification as under.

JDBC 1.0 – it provides basic functionality of JDBC

JDBC 2.0 – it provides JDBC API(JDBC 2.0 Core API and JDBC 2.0 Optional Package API).

JDBC 3.0 – it provides classes and interfaces in two packages(java.sql and javax.sql).

JDBC 4.0 – it provides so many extra features like

Auto loading of the driver interface.

Connection management

ROWID data type support.

Enhanced support for large object like BLOB(Binary Large Object) and CLOB(Character Large Object).

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