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If any java application or an applet wants to connect with a database then there are various classes and interfaces available in java.sql package.

Depending on the requirements these classes and interfaces can be used.

Some of them are list out the below which are used to perform the various tasks with database as well as for connection.


Class or Interface Description
Java.sql.Connection Create a connection with specific database
Java.sql.DriverManager The task of DriverManager is to manage the database driver
Java.sql.Statement It executes SQL statements for particular connection and retrieve the results
Java.sql.PreparedStatement It allows the programmer to create prepared SQL statements
Java.sql.CallableStatement It executes stored procedures
Java.sql.ResultSet This interface provides methods to get result row by row generated by SELECT statements

Now we are going to elobrate each class or interface in detail with their methods and will give program for each one in next topic.

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