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Java Tutorial for Beginners with Examples:

Java is a high level, object-oriented programming language released by Sun Microsystems in 1995. Java is Simple, Object-Oriented, Portable, Platform independent, Secured, Robust, Architecture neutral, Dynamic, Interpreted, High Performance, Multithreaded, Distributed.  This java tutorial covers all the topics in java.

In 1991, Sun Microsystems was attempting to develop a new technology for programming next generation smart appliances.

The original plan was for the Star 7 operating system to be developed in C++ but rejected the idea for several reasons. As a result we have new language that was better for the purposes of the Green project than C++ developed by Gosling. He called the language Oak in honor of a tree that could be seen from his office window.

James Gosling was part of Green, an isolated research project at Sun that was studying how to put computers into everyday household items like thoughtful toasters, sagacious Salad Shooters and lucid lamps. The group also wanted these devices to communicate with each other.

So The Greens built a prototype device called Star 7. This gadget was a handheld remote control operated by touching animated objects on the screen. The universe featured Duke-immortalized later as Java’s mascot

Sun found that Oak could not be trademarked because of a product already using the name.

After sessions in January 1995, The meeting, arranged by Kim Polese (marketing person) where about a dozen people got together to brainstorm with James Gosling, a vice president and fellow of Sun, and the author of Oak, the final suggest names were  Silk, DNA, Ruby, WRL and Java by the team in meeting But the other names could not trademark.

So finally JAVA was the name chosen this name was first suggested by Chris Warth.

This  is just a brief history of java programming language. This java tutorial is for the beginners.