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JDBC Architecture:

As we all know now that driver is required to communicate with database.

JDBC API provides classes and interfaces to handle request made by user and response made by database.

Some of the important JDBC API are as under.










Here The DriverManager plays an important role in JDBC architecture.

It uses some database specific drivers to communicate our J2EE application to database.

As per the diagram first of all we have to program our application with JDBC API.

With the help of DriverManager class than we connect to a specific database with the help of spcific database driver.

Java drivers require some library to communicate with the database.

We have four different types of java drivers.

We will learn all that four drivers with architecture in next chapter.

Some drivers are pure java drivers and some are partial.

So with this kind of JDBC architecture we can communicate with specific database.

We will learen programatically all this thing in further chapter.

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